Invite Ranked Among Us bot

🔧Usage & Setup


  1. Invite the bot; for 🌞 LARGE GUILDS click here to invite the bot.
  2. Type !!!setup; for 🌞LARGE GUILDS Type !!!setup large
  3. Grant players the role 📈Ranked - Among Us via other bots e.g. Reaction Role Bots ⚠ Please note that LARGE GUILDS may require further support from our Support Discord to ensure setup is complete


  1. Type !!!clearsetup
  2. Kick the bot from the Guild

📌How it works

🎮To start a match

  1. 10 players join a lobby voice channel
  2. Type either !start polus , !start skeld , or !start mira in the dedicated lobby text channel.

📈To submit results of an open match

Type !impostor # # win or !impostor lose # #

For example: If player 3 and player 7 are impostors, and they won, the command would be: !impostor w 3 7

Once confirmed, results cannot be reversed.

Other commands:

🤖In Bot Spam Channel
👥In Game Lobbies Channel/s


Small/Friendly Discord Server

Public Ranked Discord Servers (Large Guilds)

📖About Ranked Among Us Elo/MMR System

Introduction 🛎

Each player has a Crewmate MMR and an Impostor MMR. Upon submission of the match result, the Crewmate’s average MMR is compared to the Impostors’ average MMR. The expected win rate of each team is calculated based off of ELO formulas and the average win rate of the map (and settings). The exchange of MMR is redistributed via ELO formulas.

Importance of Map average win rates 💯🗺

Unlike chess, wins are not split 50:50 between teams of equal ELO for each map. Therefore Map’s average is used to shift the ELO formula in favor of one team or the other. To accommodate for Meta-Shifts, the most recent 100 matches are used to set a map of an average to input into the ELO formulas to get the expected win rates. This setup makes ALL Maps viable for competitive gameplay. Take for example MIRA, if the expected win rate of impostor is as low as 20%, for equal MMR impostors vs crewmates, Impostors expect to win more MMR if they’ve won but stand to lose less MMR if they’ve lost.

Unstable MMR 🔆

Unstable MMR are MMR scores in which the player has not earned enough wins to reveal their true MMR. Wins during unstable MMR nets in bonus MMR points. A players’ MMR becomes stabilized after 25 Crewmate wins and 5 Impostor wins.

Overall MMR 📑

A player’s overall MMR is the average of Crewmate MMR and Impostor MMR. The 50:50 split is used over the 80:20 split because if the latter ratio was used, players ranked high level are more likely to have poor impostor ratings. This makes for poor competitive matchups as there is no guarantee the impostor teams will have significant Impostor MMR to compete with.

MMR Decay ⏲

After about 7 days of inactive gameplay (or a certain number of days configured for your version of the bot), 20 MMR will be deducted for each subsequent day of inactivity. MMR Decay is to prevent top players from sitting on their positions without having to fight to maintain it.

👍Vouching Reputation System 🌞LARGE GUILDS ONLY

To help players monitor each others’ behavior, Ranked Among Us bots are equipped with a Vouching Reputation System. The systems’ interaction is via direct messaging to allow for anonymity of the person placing the vouch for or against another player.

Leaders, Tiers and Roles 🌞LARGE GUILDS ONLY


You cannot have more than one of these roles at once

🎯Tier Levels

👍Reputations Roles👎 🌞LARGE GUILDS ONLY

👮Marshalls - First reputation role

👮High Marshalls - Next Tier of reputation role

🚫 Ranked Bad Reputation Blocked

⛔ Ranked Hard Blocked

Support Discord

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